Posted by: thegladtraveler | August 29, 2010

Thoughts the Depths of His Love

Do you ever feel that life is happening so fast that you just might miss that train after all?

One of my daughters married the love of her life two weeks ago.  We left them (or rather they left us, because we waited until their plane took off) at the airport tonight, to fly across the country.  I’m trying not to wait up for them, to get their call or their text letting me know they arrived safely and that all is well.    Married people do not have to call their parents.  …but maybe, just maybe….they will….So I will simply wait up a little longer,   Who can sleep anyway?

How do children grow up anyway?  I’m so proud of these two, though.  They are dealing with some truly adult issues, and they are doing it all very well.  Need a hint?  One word  – Afghanistan.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  And the plans I have for you?  Good plans, plans for your welfare and not for your defeat.”  I’m beginning to suspect that all of us are in for a new swim in the depths of God’s love as He holds us and teaches us and most of all, loves us.

Blessed be Your Name in all of the earth!



  1. Thank you Gladys for putting my “Heart” down so perfectly. How wonderful to share our children’s “New Life Together”, together. Our Abba Father certainly knows our hearts. How He must have wept the day His Son left “Home”.
    Love you Dear Heart – Roni

  2. Oh , sometimes life is so full , I think my heart will burst. Just think….in heaven there will be no more goodbyes……How your post makes me think of Jesus words….”I have come to give you life abundant. But sometimes that “abundant life” hurts! You are in my heart, sharon

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