Posted by: thegladtraveler | June 1, 2010

The Great American Road Trip – Part One

Road Trip

Beautiful & Green

The Plan – Travel from the  hills of Alabama to the coast of the Great Lakes and back again.

The Participants – Twenty Eight Friends.  It’s a teenage mission trip to be more exact, with 19 teens and 9 adults.

The Method – Three White Rental Vans

The Official Ministry – Cleveland City Mission Men’s Service

Cleveland City Mission Women’s Service

Haven of Rest in Bristol, Tennessee

The Official Fun – Pro Football Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

King’s Island

Know you know.


Day One showed us some beautiful country, green and vibrant.  The sunset lasted for hours. with pinks and blues and whites and purples.  We arrived safely at our hotel in Columbus after the 11 hour van ride.  Fast food for lunch, slower food for supper.  A great pool and fitness room awaiting us.  We are all headed to sleepy time now.

Apples to Apples



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